here is my before and after pic (as anon requested):

before:  14 years old.  surrounded by friends.  at a swim meet.  preparing for states and hoping to make the cut to get into zones.  wearing my brand new fastskin which i was super happy about.  smiling.  happy.  not entirely happy with life but still fucking happy.  super athletic.  had the promise of making it to nationals by the time i was 17.  had a dream of making the olympic trials for london in 2012.

after:  20 years old.  quit swimming 3 years ago because my body couldn’t keep up with the strain due to what i was doing to it and mind couldn’t keep up because of the torment it was going through.  crying after fainting in the shower after a serious binge purge episode.  scared to death.  wishing i was dead.

this is my before and after picture.  this is a girl full of promise and hopes and dreams turning into a young adult who can’t even function due to her mental illnesses/eating disorder.

Aww bby